7 Tips For A Better Beard

7 Tips For A Better Beard

Many men decide to grow a beard at some point in their life and quickly find that more goes into it than just not shaving. While a well groomed beard can have many benefits, an unkempt beard can cause you a lot of problems from missing out on a job promotion or not getting a date to being followed around by security while you're shopping. The following tips will help you keep your beard under control and looking and felling great.

Dichotomy Grooming Beard Tip #1 - Give It Time

A great beard doesn’t come overnight. Some areas will take longer to fill in than others. Give it 2-3 months to see what you are really working with. Just be patient. You will probably experience some pretty wicked beard itch the first couple of weeks, but some of the following tips will help to combat that.

Dichotomy Grooming Beard Tip #2 - Wash It Right

Regular shampoos and soaps can dry out your beard and the skin underneath. Use a beard wash designed specifically for the hair on your face. It’s not necessary to wash your beard every day, 1-3 times a week will typically be enough. The rest of the week, just rinse it with hot water in the shower or wash with a beard conditioner to add more moisture.

Dichotomy Grooming Beard Tip #3 - Condition It

Using a good beard oil can moisturize the skin beneath your beard and help your beard build stronger roots. As your beard starts to get longer, use a beard balm to condition your beard hair, add a nice shine and protect against split ends. Beard balm can also provide a light hold to aid with styling.

Dichotomy Grooming Beard Tip #4 - Comb or Brush Regularly

Brush or comb your beard at least once a day to help train it to grow the way you want it to and keep it styled. The last thing you want is a crazy unkempt beard that leaves you looking like a vagabond. Brushing after applying oil or balm will also help to evenly disperse the oils across your entire beard. Make sure you choose the right tools, like a wood beard comb or a boar bristle brush. They may cost a bit more than a cheap plastic comb, but the results are worth it. Those cheap, mass manufactured combs and brushes normally have tiny plastic burs that can snag causing split ends or pulling out hair.

Dichotomy Grooming Beard Tip #5 - Keep It Trimmed

A big part of keeping your beard looking good is keeping it trimmed. Once you have decided on your style, trim it every 1-2 weeks to keep it from getting out of control. Trimming can be a bit intimidating at first, after all you worked hard to get your beard the way you like it and one mistake can set you back weeks or months. Most local barber shops will give you a professional trim for only a few dollars. You can go to a barber to get your first trim to help you find the right lines and get an idea of how to trim it yourself.

Dichotomy Grooming Beard Tip #6 - Eat Healthy

Eating a healthy balanced diet can help encourage healthy beard growth. Your beard is part of your body, so if you take care of your body, you take care of your beard. Adding some extra greens and nuts into to your diet can go a long way in improving your overall health.  Also make sure you are drinking enough water, keeping your body hydrated will help keep your beard hydrated.

Dichotomy Grooming Beard Tip #7 - Exercise Regularly

Again, taking care of your body helps take care of your beard. Beard hair is androgenic, which means it is dependent on the hormone testosterone to grow. Getting active can help your body produce more testosterone. You don’t necessarily have to go to the gym but get more active, lift weights, do pushups, whatever works for you.

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