How To Stop Beard Itch

How To Stop Beard Itch

If you’ve ever gone more than a few days without shaving your face, you are probably familiar with how much growing a beard can make your face itch. It’s one of the main reasons so many men prematurely end their quest for a thick, glorious Viking beard. Whether you are just growing a short beard for No Shave November or going for the full “Yeard”(beard grown for a full year), beard itch is more than likely going to be an obstacle you will have to overcome. We’ll start with understanding the causes of beard itch.

What causes beard itch?

There are two main causes of beard itch that occur at different stages of growth. The first is during the initial growth phase. When you shave your face regularly you put a sharp edge on each hair as you drag a razor over it. As that coarse hair starts to grow out, those sharp edges can scrape against the skin causing irritation. And by irritation I mean an infuriating all-over itch that lasts for days and makes you question why you decided to grow a beard in the first place.

The second tends to occur later in the growth stage. As your beard gets longer, you may experience dry skin or a build up of dead skin cells on your face. This is especially common in the winter months if you live in a colder climate. Left untreated, the dry skin can lead to itch and even beard dandruff.

Fortunately, there are some simple steps you can take to reduce or eliminate beard itch.

Keep It Clean

Washing your beard regularly can help by removing grime and dead skin cells, allowing the hair to grow more freely without obstruction.  You will want to avoid traditional shampoos and body soaps though as they can strip away too much of your natural oils and actually dry out your face more. It’s best to use a beard wash designed specifically for the hair on your face. The great thing about a good beard wash is that it is gentle enough for your beard, but effective enough for the hair on your head so you can use one product for both if you choose to. It is not necessary to wash your beard with a beard wash every day, 1-3 times a week is typically enough unless you have a particularly grimy job. The rest of the week, you can just rinse it with hot water while you are in the shower or wash with a conditioner instead of the beard wash.


It is important to use some kind of conditioner to soften, detangle and hydrate the hairs if you want to curb the itch. Beard conditioners come in two primary forms:

  • In shower conditioner, similar to a hair conditioner.
  • Beard balm, a leave in conditioner that can also help provide some hold for styling.

Whichever type of conditioner you choose, you will want to apply it after washing to restore some of the nutrients.


While the conditioner provides moisture to your hair, keeping the skin beneath it moisturized is equally, if not more important. Beard oil gets down into the skin to restore moisture and prevent dandruff and irritation. When applying beard oil it is easy to go overboard so just start with a few drops and work it into the skin below your beard. If your beard looks greasy after applying the oil, you’ve probably used too much.

Remember, your beard starts at the skin so make sure you take care of it. Applying beard oil regularly in the beginning stages of growth can soften those sharp edges and help get your beard off to a healthy start. It will help to brush or comb after applying oil or balm to help evenly distribute the product and also your natural oils (sebum). A good boar bristle brush will also help drag away any dead skin or debris while minimizing any damage caused by cheaper plastic tools.

Overall, just developing a daily beard care routine will work wonders toward preventing the dreaded beard itch. If you’ve never used any products for your beard, try our Beard Care Sampler, use discount code “TryFree” to get it free, you just pay shipping.

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