What's In A Name? Why Dichotomy Grooming?

What's In A Name? Why Dichotomy Grooming?

What does Dichotomy mean? And why have I chosen to use it as the name of my company? Well, simply put, a dichotomy is a division or contrast between two things that are or are represented as being opposed or entirely different. I launched this company to sell beard care and shaving products that are designed to work together. Those two categories are typically represented as being completely opposite.

If you look at the marketplace, most other companies either focus on beard care or shaving and tend to stigmatize the use of the other. I've seen countless beard companies that try to make it seem like if you even pick up a razor you must immediately relinquish your "man card". On the flip side, there are shaving companies that try to convince you that if you go more than a day without a shave you will look like a dirty hobo or a "lazy hipster".

"You can't shave if you grow a beard"

Really? What about your neck line or cheek line? Do you just just let your facial hair do what it wants? No, you probably at least shave a border to keep that beard looking magnificent and intentional and not like you just spent a year stuck on an island with only a beach ball for a friend.

Or maybe, like me, you lost the genetic lottery and started losing your hair in high school. Because I knew I would look ridiculous with a comb-over and I didn't want the Dr. Phil horseshoe look, I started shaving my head when I was 20. While some guys may be able to pull off the bald look without facial hair, I am certainly not one of them. So for over a decade I have been "bald and bearded".

The problem I have run into was finding good products that don't clash in scent. For example I would find a great aftershave that's only available in a menthol type fragrance but my favorite beard oil is sandalwood and it creates a strange unrecognizable odor when I use them together. That's why I decided to create my own line of beard products and shaving products and make everything thing I sell available in multiple fragrances to let you customize your grooming routine.

Where most companies try to amplify the beard/shave dichotomy, I chose to challenge it and explore the possibilities. Although the bearded vs clean shaven dichotomy was what originally what drove me to choose this name, it really goes deeper than that. Our society is more deeply divided now than I have ever seen. Everywhere you look you can find a dichotomy, good/evil, black/white, conservative/liberal, rich/poor, etc. I decided on this name to highlight that even though two ideas may seem to completely contradict each other, there is always more to the story.

Chris Bennett


Dichotomy Grooming

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