About Us

I started Dichotomy Grooming to offer men a more customizable personal care experience. Each of our products will be available in your choice of any of our amazing scents so you don’t have to sacrifice a great quality product for a scent that you like or the other way around.  We want to help you feel good about your appearance so you can be confident in all other aspects of your life.

I have sported some sort of facial hair since I was seventeen years old and I have been shaving my head since I was 20(thank you genetics). I have always struggled to find great products to maintain my appearance. Sure there are plenty of excellent companies out there that specialize in beard care or shaving products, but I have rarely come across any that offer both. The biggest problem with that is I would find a great shaving cream but the scent would clash with my beard oil or vice versa. I also often found products that work and feel great, but the fragrance just did not appeal to me.

Family has always been a top priority in my life and in July 2018, after spending 12 years in the retail industry, I finally got the courage to step away to spend more time with my two young sons while my wife goes back to school to be an environmental scientist. Dichotomy Grooming is currently a one man show, I make all of our products by hand in my family home in Spokane, WA.


Chris Bennett

Founder, Dichotomy Grooming